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Matador knows the best Romanian factories & we have built up an excellent reputation & working relationship with them over many years. We place significant volumes with these factories from our various Clients, and, consequently, this enables us to secure preferential prices on your behalf, with absolutely no compromise in quality. We also can secure additional facilities/services, e.g. credit & priority treatment from these factories, because our reputation is second to none. Over the years, there have been very few, if any, technical textile products that we have not manufactured.

In our Bucharest HQ, we have a substantial range of examples demonstrating the diverse range of items that we can produce.

Product Development

Matador can manage all aspects of production from product conception, updating or changing an existing product, and design through to finished goods. This includes the preparation and creation of patterns. Bill of materials, Pre-production samples, Production launch (including raw materials consumption control), and the final delivery of a perfectly executed product.


Matador has a well-organised warehouse in Bucharest with an excellent stock management system.

We use this warehouse as a centralised distribution centre for large contracts where we need to source products from more than one capacity.


Matador can arrange for markers to be produced locally. Generally, our clients deliver all raw materials & we ensure that the fabrics are cut efficiently to ensure no waste. We also scrutinize the production factory’s consumption of all accessories to ensure that our client’s valuable materials are not wasted.

Matador will ensure that all surplus materials, markers, patterns etc., are returned at the end of the contract.

Quality control

Matador has a large & highly experienced team of fully qualified textile engineers that spend their time in the factories supervising every aspect of production from start to finish.

We are fully responsible for ensuring our clients never have a quality problem, and our QC engineers will communicate with you efficiently in your language.


Matador can report data in any way you like. Still, at the very minimum, our weekly production report will show you precisely what is online & what is completed as finished goods in the warehouse.

We have “early warning systems” to rapidly identify if any output is not on a schedule so we can take action to resolve this fast.


Matador has an experienced team that knows exactly what the best transport companies are to use & how to keep the costs to a minimum of moving raw materials to Romania and finished goods back to you.


Matador takes the confidential nature of our client’s production very seriously. Many of our clients compete against each other in the same marketplaces. For this reason, we never discuss one client’s business with another for obvious reasons. This is also why you will find general pictures on this website, which are not linked to any of our clients specifically.

The Long-term

We are only interested in creating partnerships that work for the long term. Matador is proud of the fact that today we still retain many of the clients that we secured in the first years of operation all those years ago. We look after them with complete dedication, and we have established a reputation for the highest integrity.