About Matador Textiles, Romania

About | Matador Textiles, Romania

Matador was formed in 2016 by the owners of Nightserve in response to the UK’s Brexit decision. The owners felt that this would best protect their multiple European client’s interests by ensuring that there would be no compromise on our ability to trade within the EC single marketplace. Spain and Romania will continue to belong to the single market, whilst the UK’s access to that market is uncertain.

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Nightserve was a UK-registered company in business since 1993, with a representative office in Bucharest, Romania, right from the start. Over the years we have produced a large number of products in our own factories & also in third-party factories. Today the entire local Romanian team remains exactly the same, even if we are now trading through Matador, a new Spanish-registered company.

In 2005 we closed our two sizeable wholly-owned Romanian factories. One specialised in producing life rafts & lifejackets (glueing) & the other produced light-sewn items. Now we focus on managing the production in third-party factories all over Romania. Nightserve has worked with over 150 factories and currently has production in over 30 factories specialised in different fields.

Generally, our customers deliver all raw materials to be sure that everything is perfectly within specification, although we can source trims locally if required.

Since 1993 we have produced over 10 million items destined for many European Government Procurement organisations. We think that we are the best in Romania at what we do. Namely finding the best factories in this country & managing every aspect of production to the total satisfaction of our clients. We don’t play games. We are open, honest and straight.

We never let our customers down. If ever we feel that the performance of a contract could be compromised, we always have multiple backup options to ensure that we take the required action in good time and deliver on what we have promised.

Quality. Reliability and Consistency. Time and again. Year after year.