Boay armour by Matador Textiles, Romania

Body Amour

Matador produces a large volume of body armour for several of Europe’s biggest players in this field.

Combat clothing by Matador Textiles, Romania

Combat Clothing

Matador has produced a significant percentage of the items purchased by the UK’s MOD over the past two decades.

Personal load-carrying equipment by Matador Textiles, Romania

Personal Load Carrying Equipment

Matador specialises in the manufacture of semi-heavy & heavy items although we can also produce any kind of sewn item.

Manufacturing by Matador Textiles, Romania


Matador knows all the best Romanian factories and have built an excellent relationship with them over many years.

Technical clothing by Matador Textiles, Romania

Technical Clothing

Matador produces a broad range of technical clothing, from Hi-Vis to waterproof protective clothing.

Animal saftey and training products | Matador Textiles, Romania

Animal safety products

We produce a wide range of equipment both for animal training and their safety

Matador Textiles provides a highly experienced and professional one-stop solution to any manufacturer looking for textile production within Romania.

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Advantages over Asia

Matador’s production in Romania has many advantages:

  • Rapid turnaround of stock for short delivery terms
  • Cash flow – Not tying up your capital for long production cycles
  • A local solution where superior European raw materials are required
  • Quality of production is consistently superb
  • No breach of copyright
  • Security of knowing your valuable customers are not going to be approached directly
  • Much greater flexibility on smaller volume orders
  • Easy for you to visit
  • No issues with documentation or customs or taxes etc., as Romania, is an EC member.
Military Dog Handler | Matador Textiles, Romania
Personal Load-Carrying Equipment
Soldiers running in the desert | Matador Textiles, Romania
Combat Clothing
Police in body armour | Matador Textiles, Romania
Body Armour
Chmical warfare suits | Matador Textiles, Romania
Technical Clothing